Saturday, May 12, 2012

FUN things to DO - FunDo

So I am back after a long hiatus - time when I was so busy and stressed at work that I did not have the energy and inclination to write about programming when not working. But, finally, I am about to move out of this project and looking forward to a fresh beginning at a new place.

With work being less hectic in the past month and an interesting internal contest being launched my company, I had the opportunity to put on my thinking cap and go back to a framework I fell in love right at the beginning of my IT career - GWT. The result is an interesting little web application I have called FunDo.

As part of the contest, I was supposed to use OpenShift, Red Hat's PaaS service on the cloud which is where the application is currently hosted. The app is basically a mashup using the Google Places, Autocomplete and Geocoding APIs along with Google Maps v3.

The first version of the application code in the form of an Eclipse Helios project can be downloaded from here. Please note that this version of the project was called 'vacspothunter'. GWT v2.4 would be needed along with the GWT Plugin for Eclipse for compiling the project.

Keep watching this space for more posts detailing the main aspects of the design.

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